One photograph that we saw splashed all over social media, Twitter, Facebook or even WhatsApp groups was one that had an aerial view of a burning ghat in India by Reuters.

Sharing this picture on Twitter, Danish Siddiqui, the chief photographer of Reuters in India, had written, “As India posted world record of COVID cases, funeral pyres of people, who died due to the coronavirus were pictured at a crematorium ground in New Delhi, April 22, 2021.”

Where there is death, there are going to be funeral pyres, but what really irked people about this photograph. The insensitivity of journalists clicking pictures while several were making their last journey. Dignity in death is certainly more a precious right of any human being than the right to report. While COVID-19 is a crisis that must be reported, but journalists who turn themselves into Vultures and their profession into that of Voyeurism often draw the criticism of their readers/viewers.

People all over the world died, and are still dying in large numbers since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. But the Vulture act and morbid obsession over their funeral pyres is somehow seen only in India, for white publications that do not really care to accord dignity to Indians, especially to Hindus.

This picture was shared by Danish Siddiqui multiple times on Twitter and Reuters milked the images of Hindus being cremated to the hilt. Currently, on their home page, there are several articles that talk about the COVID-19 deluge in India, several with pictures of the burning pyres.

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