Cow Smuggling

In Maharashtra, a mob attacked cops after cow smuggler Jamil Takla jumps off a building to evade arrest and died.  A team of police from the crime branch along with the Gujarat unit on July 2, around 3 pm, went to arrest Jamil Qureshi alias Takla, a resident of Kasai Wada of Nizampura. A group of 10 policemen went in hunt of him while the remaining team stationed themselves outside the chawl. As per a Gujarat police official, Takla was wanted in a case registered at a police station in Gujarat where he allegedly helped change registration plates of vehicles suspected to have been used for cattle smuggling.

Cow smuggler Jamil Takla jumps off a building to evade arrest

As per reports, when the police knocked on the door of the accused’s house, his family refused to open the door. Subsequently, when they opened the door, Takla ran and jumped off the window, the official said.  Jamil Qureshi alias Takla (38) wanted in several offenses such as an attempt to murder and cattle theft jumped from the fourth floor of his residential building to evade arrest. It is imperative to note that this was not the first time that Takla had jumped off the building to evade arrest. His previous attempts were successful when he landed safely, however, this time it proved fatal.


Mob attacks police team, video viral

In a fit of rage, family members of the accused and local residents rioted and assaulted the cops blaming them for the death. Subsequently, a video has gone viral on social media where a mob can be seen attacking the cops. An FIR has been registered for rioting and assaulting a public servant. Nine persons have been arrested so far – informed senior inspector V C Dolas of Nizampur police station.

Jamil Takla has been booked earlier

Valsad district superintendent of police Rajdeepsinh Zala in an interview to Indian Express said, “Last Tuesday (June 29), we found a deserted Innova in Dungara area of Vapi town in Valsad. While tracing the owner of the Innova, we found the location of the main accused, Jamil alias Takla, who has been booked earlier at Vapi police station for bovine smuggling.

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