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We all know “Slaughter” means killing by any method and includes Maiming and inflicting physical injury which will cause Death eventually. Uttar Pradesh Prevention of Cow Slaughter Act, 1955 says- “No person shall transport any Cow, or Bull or Bullock, the Slaughter whereof in any place in Uttar Pradesh is punishable.”

But, an incident from Lalpur Kalan village in Rampur stunned everyone including the Police. Rampur police raided a home and nabbed six-person involved in Cow Slaughtering. One quintal of beef, parts of a slaughtered cow, meat cutting instruments, and knives were seized. Actually, these people were enjoying the marriage ceremony of Yasin and Beef was on the menu. This meat was meant to be served to the guests. Police arrested all the six accused including the groom “Yasin” for committing the heinous act. The report is that the Nikah has been canceled after the groom’s arrest. According to Police, the names of arrested persons are Abdul, Babu Haji, Md. Rafi, Bhoora, Md. Islam and Yasin (the groom himself).

In India, Cattle are being respected as an integral part of rural livelihood and an economic necessity. Cattle slaughter has also been opposed by various Indian religions because of the ethical principle of non – violence and the belief in the unity of all life.

However, some miscreants seem to have a different set of mind and heart. We hope their mind and heart will change someday and will give up this thought.

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