There are many strange cases in the country. This wedding was also done when the road was very crowded seeing the couple got married outside the liquor shop caught everyone’s eye. Those who were queuing up to buy liquor also started looking at the duo.
A liquor shop on the mini bypass road in Kozhikode witnessed a rare sighting as a couple was spotted tying the nuptial knot right outside it on Tuesday. The wedding however, was part of a protest by the Kerala Caterers’ Association. All Kerala Caterers’ Association had earlier announced a portal outside liquor shops and other places across the state against the state government’s decision to cap the limit of guests for wedding functions at 50.

Catering association held similar protests at multiple locations across the state

At Kozhikode MP MK Raghawan concluded his speech at the protest gathering, a man and a woman – Pramod and Dhanya – dressed up as bride and groom, walked up to the front and garlanded each other to mark the protest against the state government’s decision to not allowing relaxations for wedding functions. Pramod and Dhanya have been in the catering business for years.
A catering association held similar protests at multiple locations across the state. The association claimed that they have been rendered jobless for the last two months due to the government’s restriction on large wedding gatherings. They said that it is not feasible to provide catering services to a crowd of 50 and 20 people.

Couple demanded government must allow at least 100 people for wedding functions

“Even as the liquor shops and other establishments remain open and people are out on the streets, we do not have any business. The government has capped the number of people allowed at wedding functions at 50. If this number is exceeded, then there will be a case for violating Covid-19 norms,” said Premchand, District General Secretary of All Kerala Caterer’s Association, Kozhikode. “Look at the liquor shops in the state, we see huge queues of people outside most of the shops. Nobody has a problem with this. We demand that the government must allow at least 100 people for wedding functions,” he said.


During the crisis Catering association not get any benefit from the government

According to the association, there are over 2,000 registered caterers, both big and small, in Kerala. Over two lakh people are dependent on this industry struggling to survive due to the pandemic and the Covid restrictions for over a year now. During the lockdown, the association had started community kitchens in many parts of Kerala, free of cost. However, the association has claimed that it has not received any assistance or benefit from the government during the crisis.

The Catering Association claims that such symbolic weddings have been conducted outside liquor shops at many places in the state and not one or two. The association claims that work has come to a standstill for the past two month due to the government’s restrictions on marriages.

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