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Aligarh: Another case of Conversion has come up from Aligarh in Uttar Pradesh. A family residing at Shahzamal in Thana Dehli Gate area has converted from Islam to Hinduism after performing all the holy rituals at Arya Samaj Mandir in Achal Taal in Thana Gandhi Park area, after getting inspired by Hinduism.

The family head, Qasim Khan said that 8 years before she married a nonmuslim woman, which is her wife Anita. They had been living following their religious practices respectively in the same house for the past 8 years, and Qasim after getting inspired from Hindu Religion he realized that even his ancestors were Hindus as well and they got mixed with Islam later.

Now after conversion, Qasim is known as Karamvir Mohar Singh. He further said he and his two kids have converted to Hinduism at their own will and without any pressure, but they fear that anti-Hindu pressure groups will try to threaten them, and has asked for security from the district police. The name of her wife still remains unchanged i.e. Anita.

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