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The Indian National Congress which has now almost lost all its grip in the country is continuously failing in gaining ground support from the people.

The signature documents of two crore farmers that were given to the President against the new agricultural laws, seems to have something unnatural. More than 1.5 lakh signatures have been taken from Delhi, where more than half of these signatures were found to be signed by laborers. In protest against the three agricultural laws. About 2 crore signatures have been submitted to the President against the new farm laws by the Congress Party.

It is being told that the Delhi Congress had given the responsibility of signing protest forms with farmers or agricultural laborers to all its 14 district heads. The party claims that they handed over the letter with the signature of more than 1.5 lakh farmers to the All India Congress Committee (AIIC), more than the target, but it seems that the move has backfired. It was that many of those who signed these forms were not even farmers.

According to the revenue department of the Delhi government, about 45 thousand hectares of land is cultivated in the capital. While the number of farmer families is around 40 thousand. Farming in Delhi only occurs in East, Outer, and West Delhi but signatures were also obtained from families living in other parts of Delhi which are surely not a part of the Farming area.

Though the party says that the forms were signed by agricultural laborers but if sources are to be believed these are just normal laborers living in the slum settlements and have nothing to do with agriculture or farming.

However later, Anil Chaudhary (State President, Delhi Congress), clarified that -“There is not much farming in Delhi, so there are not many farmers. But we have signed in protest letters every person including agricultural and common laborers who are against agricultural laws. Many signatures have also been signed by people who want to support the peasant movement.”

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