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Punjab is currently facing a major power crisis resulting in the shutting down of large industries across the state. Amidst the crisis in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi promises 24-hour power at lower rates along with other perks to the industrialists of Punjab if they shift or set up new units in Uttar Pradesh.  An invite was formally received by the industrialists in Ludhiana from the UP government to have a meeting with the CM. On Monday, a delegation flew to Lucknow and held a 3-hour meeting with the Chief Minster in his office.

Punjab Industrialists held a 3 hour long meeting with CM Yogi Adityanath

TR Misra, businessmen and chairman of Federation of Dyeing Factories Association, was quoted by Time of India saying, “On Sunday, I got a call from a senior officer of the UP government, who apprised me that UP CM Yogi Adityanath wanted to meet Ludhiana industrialists to discuss possibilities of setting up industrial units in UP. After giving our confirmation, we flew to Lucknow and held a long meeting with the CM, which lasted almost three hours.”

CM Yogi promises 24-hour power and perks too

He further added, “CM Yogi has promised that, unlike Punjab, the industry will be given 24 hours of uninterrupted power supply, that too at cheaper rates. Besides, the UP government will also ensure proper safety and security of industrial units. We have been promised unmatched incentives and option to set up industrial clusters at prime areas like near Yamuna Expressway near the upcoming Noida International Greenfield Airport, which would be India’s biggest airport.”

90% of labour in Ludhiana factories is from UP

The industrial associations and businessmen are discussing the proposals laid down by the UP government. A collective decision would be taken soon by them. Misra, while saying that the offers laid down by CM were lucrative, said, “the biggest advantage is that about 90% of the labour working in Ludhiana factories is from UP.” Gurmeet Singh Kular, head of the delegation that met the CM, said the meeting went quite well. He said,

“The UP government had promised to provide support and fast track permissions for the industrial projects. CM Yogi also ensured a totally peaceful environment for the industry with law and order fully maintained.” As UP is part of the Eastern Corridor, it would provide cheap and easy movement of the goods.


Punjab Industrialists To Set Up Their Business In UP Soon

Arvind Kumar, additional chief secretary, and other senior officials also met the delegation. Kular said that the government had promised to provide fully developed industrial areas to interested businessmen. The land price offered by the UP government was stated to be Rs 5,000 per square yard. Neena Sharma, secretary, infrastructure and industrial development, inferred the delegation about the fiscal benefits available to the investors.

It had to be noted that the industrialists from Punjab had been planning to meet UP Chief Minister Yogi since March this year. However, due to Covid, the meeting got delayed. Misra said, “It is just a coincidence that it happened at a time when Punjab is reeling under power cuts.”

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