In the census of 2011, Punjab had a total of 3,48,230 Christians. If these numbers are correct, in the last years, the population of Christians has increased at least 10 times. 10% of Punjab is now Christian and the conversion to Christianity are increasing on a daily basis. Punjab is now on target for rapid Christianisation after Andhra Pradesh.

The conversion has been sporadically covered by the state and international media, which have noticed the huge growth of Pastors in Punjab. The Christian leaders of Punjab itself claim huge growth of Christians.

It is important to know how Punjab’s 10% population became Christian. Hopefully, it will give us some clues on how to counter this in Punjab and in other states. Maybe, it can help to reverse the conversion too. There are dozens of “pastors”, “prophets” and “apostles” running this conversion business. We have already seen Ankur Narula. There are others like Gursharan Kaur, Bajinder Singh, Kanchan Mittal etc. all of these converted from either or Sikhs and retain Hindu-Sikh names as well as symbols like Pagri etc. Each of these have tens of thousands to lakhs of followers and have crores of money. Now these are in the process of granting franchises to others for their conversion business. More and more such peddler of faith enter the fray every month.

This is seen in the Christian “Ashrams”, “Sadhus” and appropriation of Bharatnatyam, Yoga etc. Did you know, there is Yeshu Puran, Yeshu Sahastranama, Yeshu Veda and Yeshu Upnishad too? Many Christian missionaries keep saffron robes, live in ashrams and make temple like Churches.
In Punjab, the symbols of Sikhism are used to confuse and convert rural Sikhs. Sabu Mathai Kathethu wrote a book with strategy for converting Sikhs.

The Christian conversion in Punjab has increased at the expense of Sikhism and Hindu Dharma. They are now in sufficient numbers to demand political favours and to be deciding factor in elections.
The primarily target Dalits, who are about 32% of the population of Punjab. Also, the Khalistanis are busy in peddling “Indo-Abrahmic” brotherhood narrative.

Story continues till date…!!

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