A day after the Haryana government classified ‘Black fungus’ (mucormycosis) as a notified disease and directed all districts to share data, it received a list of 70 confirmed cases by Sunday evening. Forty of these patients are admitted in hospitals in Gurugram. A new terror amid coronavirus pandemic

200 suspected cases of micormycosis in Haryana

There are more than 200 suspected cases of micormycosis across the state. Officials said several districts are yet to update their numbers and the health department was expecting more cases in the coming days. In Gurugram, recovering Covid patients in whom black fungus has manifested are being treated at several leading private hospitals like Max, Fortis, Medanta, Paras and Artemis. These have a history of taking steroids, doctors said.

“There are 40 cases of mucormycosis in Gurugram and we have asked all hospitals to share data with us regularly. It will help us understand the magnitude of the problem and we can treat patients at the earliest,” said Dr Virender Yadav, chief medical officer.

According to doctors, the most important reason for this sudden spurt in cases has been poor blood sugar management aggravated by the use of steroids during treatment for Covid. Steroids reduce immunity levels and might also increase blood sugar levels.

Don’t ignore the symptoms of Micormycosis

Usually, it starts from the sinuses. The symptoms during this stage may be fever, facial pain, headache, stuffy nose, dental pain, bloody nasal discharge, facial swelling or discolouration. If untreated, and sometimes despite treatment, the infection spreads to the area close to the eyes and the brain. During this stage, symptoms may include swelling of the eye, pain, drooping eyelids, restriction in eye movement, decrease in vision, blackish discolouration of the palate and decrease in level of consciousness.


A person with good immune system is able to fight it, those with Covid are more susceptible because their immunity is compromised.

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