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Even though the BJP did not give tickets to any Muslim in the Bihar assembly elections, the party has decided to field Shahnawaz Hussain in state politics. He will be filling the nomination for the Bihar Legislative Council by-election on Monday as a BJP candidate.

There was a time when Shahnawaz Hussain had won the Muslim majority seat of Kishanganj and became the youngest cabinet minister in the Vajpayee Government. Since then he became the ‘Muslim face’ of the BJP. Now he is entering Bihar politics and it is estimated that he’ll be the Muslim face of BJP in Nitish’s cabinet.

After reaching Bihar Hussain exclaimed-” Whatever the party will assign me, I will do it as my duty, I will discharge it sincerely and responsibly as asked by Central Government. He said home minister Amit Shah and party president JP Nadda have assigned him some important work. He also said that earlier I worked for the center and now I am ready to work for the state.

On the question of making him a candidate for pulling minority voters in Seemanchal and Bengal elections, Hussain said-“I don’t believe in the politics of caste and creed I just do my work and what I’ve been assigned to do.” However, it is clear that he has not been fielded in these elections for a casual is evident that BJP wants to tighten the grip in the state and uproot the roots of RJD.

Shahnawaz Hussain is considered the big Muslim face of BJP. Shahnawaz, who traveled by Delhi DTC bus to South Block, became the youngest cabinet minister in the country. Hussain has always played a big role in Bihar assembly elections. Not only this but, his name has often been discussed for the CM candidate of Bihar.

Shahnawaz Hussain Born in Bihar

Hussain was born in a small village named Samastipur in Bihar in 1968. He completed his education in Patna and Delhi. His father was a primary school teacher. Since childhood, he was pretty fascinated by politics and wanted to become a politician one day. He even completed his dreams by fighting for the day and night. He is now married to Renu and has two children as well.

Political journey OF Shahnawaz Hussain

During an event of 1997 after hearing the speech of Hussain former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said that- The boy speaks really well if he could make it to the Parliament he can play a crucial role.”

1998 when he was first asked to fight the election he simply laughed it off and said “Give me the most difficult seat”.

Later he came to know that he would fight the election on Kishanganj seat in Bihar against RJD’s Taslimuddin he was shocked. Anyway, he went on to fight the election but he lost but even in his first selection he gathered around 2.5 lacs of votes which boosted his confidence.

In 1999 very again for the elections on Kishanganj seat you want this time and became the state minister he handled portfolios of food processing industries, youth affairs, and sports as well. In 2001 he was given an independent charge of the Coal Ministry. In September 2001 he was given the portfolio of Civil Aviation Ministry and Thus promoted to the cabinet. Shahnawaz became the youngest cabinet minister in India as well as the Muslim face of the Vajpayee government. From 2003 to 2004, he served as Textile Minister in the Vajpayee Government.

After losing the 2004 elections in 2006 Husain won the Bhagalpur seat and reached Lok sabha again in 2009 he won the Bhagalpur seat again and made his way to Loksabha again. But in 2014 when there was a huge wave of Modi government in the country, Husain, unfortunately, lost the elections by a minimal margin of 4000 votes. In 2019 he was not given any ticket but he held on to the party and now is all set to make it big in the state politics of Bihar.

In the assembly elections, no Muslim from the BJP could be won a seat. Therefore they were many discussions on introducing a minority face in the state from the party and therefore the party has introduced Hussain as its face in the state.

Picking Husain is not a short-term move as it is being said that BJP desperately wants to outnumber RJD in Bihar and cement its position tells the ground level therefore it is a long term plan by the BJP to pick minority votes by introducing Minority faces and introducing of Hussain for the By-Elections is just the perfect start for it.

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