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In a bid to boost the city’s revenue and crack down on the liquor mafia, the Delhi government has announced the new excise policy for 2021-22, which allows bars in hotels, clubs, and restaurants in the national capital to operate till 3 am except those licensees who have been given license to operate round the clock service of liquor. In straight words we can say Bars to open till 3 am, Cramped liquor vends will be replaced by air-conditioned stores.

Cramped liquor vends will be replaced by air-conditioned stores

The new Excise Policy in the public domain said that the cramped and dingy liquor vends with people shoving and pushing outside will be replaced by spacious, air-conditioned stores across the city with walk-in facility for customers. Every vend shall provide a walk-in experience.

Major Changes

Delhiites, under the new excise system, will be able to fill their bottle with freshly brewed beer from any microbrewery in the city. The policy allows microbreweries to supply draught beer to bars.

The vends will need to be air-conditioned and well lit and glass doors. They will have CCTV cameras installed in & outside the shop and the recording will be maintained minimum for a period of one month.

Adequate security arrangements will be provided by the licensee in and around each vend.

In case the shop causes “nuisance” for the neighborhood license of that particular vendor will be cancelled

Licensee will also be responsible for law & order and security around their shop.

Bars have also been permitted to play and type of entertainment or performance, including music and musical instruments, dancing or singing by professionals or DJs, live bands and Karaoke on its premises.

In case the shop causes “nuisance” for the neighborhood and a complaint is received by the government, the license of that particular vendor will be cancelled.


There will be no restriction on the shelf life of opened liquor bottles at the bar counter.  Super Premium Vends, which will set up a tasting room within the premise, call sell products only above Rs 200 MRP for beer and above Rs 1,000 retail price for all other spirits, including but not limited to Whiskey, Gin, Vodka, Brandy, etc.

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