Akshara Singh, a famous actress, and fan of Bhojpuri cinema are once again in the headlines. It is being said that the MMS video of Akshara Singh has been leaked and soon after this Akshara Singh also shared another video of herself crying. The news of Akshara Singh’s MMS video leak is going viral on YouTube. However, the truth behind this is something else. Let us tell you what is the lie in this news and what is the truth.

Akshara Singh shared a crying video

Akshara Singh has worked with many superstars in Bhojpuri cinema. It is being said about him that his private video has been leaked. A crying video of Akshara Singh was also shared on YouTube, in which it was said that the actress had shared this video after the leak of the private video, but these are only fake news being run against the actress. No MMS video of Akshara Singh has been leaked. Therefore, such fake videos and news should not be aired.


Akshara Singh’s viral video is two years old

Akshara Singh has also shared a video crying after the MMS video went viral, which YouTube channels claimed that she shared after the video was leaked. This is also completely wrong, because this video of the actress is two years old, which is being spread by adding fake news unnecessarily. While sharing the video of the actress on YouTube on a channel named Moz Music Bhojpuri, she said that Akshara Singh’s MMS video has gone viral.


One-minute video of Akshara Singh

There is a nearly one-minute video of Akshara Singh in which she cries and says that “I have been harassed. Those who love me will always like me of course I can go anywhere and work anywhere. You can’t stop holding. You are a big name so do your job. Why are you roaming around wearing fake face masks? Be real, don’t be fake.”

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