An old video of Aam Aadmi Party leader Gopal Italia is going viral these days. In the video, he could be heard insulting Brahmins and Hindu rituals.
In the video, AAP leader Gopal Italia says, “If you do not like what I say then block me and leave because I don’t need you. People are spending a lot of money and time on non-scientific and unnecessary things like Satyanarayan Katha, Bhagwad Katha and other such useless things. People do not really know what they will gain out of it. They waste other people’s time also. If we spend even 5 paisa on such useless things, we do not have the right to live like human.

Kathas/Satsangs are useless thing- Gopal Italia

Further, he claimed that those who attend these Kathas/Satsangs clap like ‘Hijra.’ “I am ashamed of such people. It angers me. If you do not like what I said – block me. We do not need people clapping like hijras in the name of rituals and culture. Some Sadhus speak nonsense and we have to clap like Hijra?” he said. Another video has also gone viral of Gopal Italia, where he is speaking foul language about the Hindu rituals. There Italia claims that rich businessmen take advantage of people by looting them in the name of Kathas and Satsangs. “Why are these kathakars doing Kathas in Surat only? If you are so big, go to border for Kathas. Do the Kathas at Pakistan border, Bangladesh border. Just spare the people here,” he says.


Insulting Hindus and their Rituals has been a fashion

For centuries now, Hindu rituals and beliefs have been imbued with symbols that hold a special significance in the lives of Hindus. Their spiritual meaning, their impact on our culture, traditions and their association with the Gods and Goddesses, make them all more sacred to us. Distorting these symbols dislocates them from their religious meaning. Mistreating any religion’s deities, rituals and symbols is absolutely wrong and painful.
However, Gopal Italia has not yet responded to these old videos.

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