The whole world is in turmoil due to pandemic of COVID-19; the happy moments of life are now covered with the sound of death and crying. The total number of deaths in India due to the second wave of COVID-19 reaches to 291,331 and total cases are 26,031,991. The familiar rhythm of India has become haphazard; who is there today may not be tomorrow. In this difficult time a delegation of ‘Social Savers’ come forward like an angel in West Bengal.

Due to lack of resources India is struggling to cope with this pandemic

The economy is in chaos across the country, lockdown in every part of the country. There are often lack of medicine services, huge oxygen crisis, India is struggling to cope with this pandemic. One after another pictures of mass cremation have covered the familiar beauty, this is another India that many have never seen.


Time has passes but crisis not pass

The crisis is now across the whole country. The state assembly election in Assam, Kerala and West Bengal is coming to an end a few days ago. Many common people in West Bengal now took shelter in Assam and Tripura, leaving behind their homes and everything in order to survive in the face of epidemics and political violence. The people of Bengal still remember the horrors of “Amphan” on such a day last year; especially the people of South 24-Pargana never forget their memories. Time has passed but the crisis has not been resolved.

A delegation of ‘Social Savers’ come forward like an angel 

All the people in India are now helpless by the second wave of COVID-19. There is only wailing all around; the administration is struggling to cope with the crisis. In this situation, a group of social savers has extended their helping hand to the victims. A group of young people from this delegation of social savers have made arrangements to provide food to the people who are affected by COVID, homeless and not having food.

Helping people from day to night

Soumen, Chayan, Aniket, Saikat, Souvik, Ratul, Sounak, Archisman, Sumanta, Shekhar, Shayan who have risked their lives to help these homeless people today. All the representatives of this social savers have already provided food, clothing and shelter to more than 2,000 people by raising as much money as they can. Day and night they are delivering food, medicine to the doors of the people who were left behind by the Corona.

Silent covid Warriors

The volunteer organization “EK”, which they already run, has also organized oxygen cylinders to help COVID victims in the Corona situation. Even after so much hard work, there is no advertising campaign; these few young people of social savers are silently fighting the epidemic and today they are on the battlefield. The organiser of “EK” , Mr. Somen Aich and the boys of their organization have repeatedly delivered relief supplies to remote villages in the southern 24-Pargana.


In such a difficult time, the representatives of this social savers are always ready to help these helpless people. Hopefully, in this way they will keep themselves engaged in more social work in the future.

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