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A fresh case of mass conversion of Hindus has been reported from Malti area in Pakistan’s Sindh where a batch of Hindus were made of recite Kalima in presence of the municipal chairperson. At least 60 Hindus were allegedly forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan in the Malti area of Sindh Province. The Hindus were made to recite the Kalima (Islamic Oath of allegiance) in the presence of the municipal chairperson.

60 Hindus forcefully converted to Islam in presence of Municipal chairperson

Hindus, a minority in Pakistan, account for 4.5 million or more than 2 percent of Pakistan’s population with most of them living in Sindh, which has long been seen as the country’s religious melting pot. Municipal chairperson Abdul Rauf Nizamani allegedly facilitated the mass conversion process. In a Facebook post, he said, “Alhamdullilah aj meri nigrani me 60 log musalman hui hain inke liye dua karen (Today, 60 people accepted Islam under my watch. Please pray for them.”

A video shared by Nizamani shows group of Hindus recite Kalima

A video shared by Nizamani shows an Islamic cleric making the group of Hindus recite Kalima and ensuring their full-fledged conversion. In another video, the cleric is seen claiming that it was their recitation of the first ever Namaz. “The only aim in the life of a Muslim person is to make Allah happy. Then, the purpose of his life will be fulfilled. Only the lives of those approved by Allah, move forward,” the cleric said to the new converts.

This is not the first incidence of forceful conversion

This is not the first incidence of forceful conversion that is being reported from Pakistan’s Sindh province. In March, a 13-year-old Hindu girl Kavita Oad from Kandhkot area in Sindh was abducted and then forcibly converted to Islam. The minor was seen sitting on the ground with a mob surrounding her and conducting the conversion ceremony allegedly conducted by a cleric named Mian Mithoo of the Bharchund mosque.

Pakistan People’s Party put up the matter in local officials

Sukhdev Hemnani, vice president of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), said he was following up the matter with local officials. The documents proved that the girl was just 13 and he was getting the help of lawyers to file a case in court, he said on Twitter.
Mian Mithoo of Bharchundi mosque is a notorious cleric. He is a hardline cleric and politician and notorious for systematically carrying out kidnappings and forced conversions of poor Hindu girls.


Conversion is common in Pakistan

Religious persecution and forced conversion continues unabated in Pakistan as dozens of Hindu families were converted to Islam in the past in Sindh province. According to a New York Times report, the mass ceremony is often organised for the conversion.
Treated as second-class citizens, the Hindus of Pakistan are often systemically discriminated against in every walk of life – housing, jobs, access to government welfare. While minorities have long been drawn to convert in order to join the majority and escape discrimination and sectarian violence.

Hindus social status are too poor in Pakistan

Hindu community leaders say that the recent uptick in conversions has also been motivated by newfound economic pressures. A report says the path taken by those Hindus who are seeking to improve their social status and financial standing. It adds that various organisations promise the members of minority community financial assistance in lieu of conversion, and since not many well-to-do Hindus are left in Pakistan anymore, people get converted to get the help from the people of their newly found religion.

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