India is popularly known for its rich heritage, culture and its myriad variety of cuisines. India being blessed with so many different cultures, you will find all kinds of food here that is popular not just within the country but beyond too. The taste and flavours of India has travelled all across the globe. Some of our dishes have gained immense popularity in countries like UK, USA and also Middle East. In fact, several international Chefs tried recreating some Indian dishes. Here are the 6 Indian Foods that are most popular and loved by people from across the world;

1. Masala Dosa

This is one of the most popular Indian dishes that even foreigners swear by. It comes in different variations these days. However, we believe the simple authentic Masala Dosa is the best.

2. Aloo Chat

So popular in our country that we also have a song named Aloo Chat. But you would be surprised to know that this street side dish is quite popular in foreign countries.

3. Chicken Tikka Masala

Watch any international cooking show and you will see how this dish is often referred. It is quite popular in UK and if you have ever been there you can find Chicken Tikka Masala in abundance there.

4. Upma

It is as good as being called staple food of Indians. So popular in Singapore that it was recognized at its World Street Food Congress.


5. Indian Kebabs

This exceptionally mouth watering meat dish has made its way in international markets too. It is widely made globally as well in different types.

6. Biryani

Another pretty popular food is our very own Biryani. The spices and taste is definitely drooling. Across the globe people love it as it is simple, lite and healthy.

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