As it is known over 40 Farmer Unions have been protesting in Delhi against the new farm bills for the past 1 month. At the same time, a section of farmers has come out in favor of the newly drafted farm laws. Farmers of about 20 states of the country today handed over their signed letter to Agricultural Minister Narendra Tomar supporting the agricultural laws.

The Agricultural Minister said that in the past 6 years many things have been done to improve the state of farmers. There are two kinds of the situation right now, he further said. He said, on one hand, some are protesting but most of the farmers are in the favour of new farm bills. We have got signatures of more than 3 lakh farmers from over 20 states in the support of the bill, he further added.

Three lakh 13 thousand and 363 farmers have signed these letters. They say that the recent farm laws drafted by the central government are completely in the interest of the farmers. Therefore they support these laws.

It is being said that Farmer Unions protesting against these laws are planning to send their last reply to the central government. They all held a meeting at 2 pm to decide their final response. Farmer Leaders from other states besides Punjab were present at the meeting.

Kirti Kisan Union Vice President and Farmer Leader Rajinder Singh, who attended this meeting, a media outlet that the meeting has started from 2 pm, in which prominent farmer leaders from other states besides Punjab are present.

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