Karan Johar’s upcoming film ‘Dostana 2, Ramadan, gatherings ,COVID-19, Kangana Ranaut urges PM, Stop Ramadan gatherings as COVID-19 surge: Kangana Ranaut urges PM..!!

Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Saturday questioned Ramadan gathering amid the outbreak of COVID-19.

Reportedly, Kangana took to Twitter and requested Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop Ramadan gatherings as the country has been witnessing a huge surge in COVID-19 cases.

Kangana’s tweet came right after PM Modi’s appeal to make Kumbh Mela just ‘symbolic’ amid the coronavirus crisis.

A day after 30 Sadhus tested positive for COVID-19 amidst the Kumbh Mela, the Prime Minister said that he spoke to Swami Avdheshanand Giri, Acharya Mahamandleshwar, Juna Akhara to inquire about the health of the seers and requested him to keep the religious congregation symbolic due to the pandemic.

Kangana is known to be vocal about various issues on social media.

On Friday, She also extended her support towards actor Kartik Aaryan, after he was ousted from Karan Johar’s upcoming film ‘Dostana 2.’

She tweeted,

“Kartik has come this far on his own, on his own he will continue to do so, only request to ‘papa jo’ and his ‘nepo gang club’ is please leave him alone, like Shushant don’t go after him…Leave him alone you vultures, get lost chindi nepos…Kartik no need to be scared of these chillars..!”

Currently, India is facing the worst outbreak of COVID-19 in the country with more than 2 lakh cases in a day. Many people have condemned religious gatherings during this outbreak.

After the tweet on Ramadan, reactions came in from people who were in favour of Ramadan,, Saying there should not be any comparison between Kumbh Mela and Ramadan gatherings.

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