Bollywood actor Salman Khan is currently getting viral due to his discussion on social media. A message about Salman Khan is going viral which is making headlines. Along with a message a screenshot is also got viral, which actually appears in a from of Salman Khan’s interview. Mentioning its title is – ‘I do not like those films in which Pakistan is called bad’. Although this picture looks like a newspaper cutting and along with it is a picture of Salman Khan sitting in shirt-jeans on the stairs.

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Why bollywood faces loss?

The anti-Hindu attitude of Bollywood has always been in the news, however after the flop of big banner films like Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Shamshera’ and Aamir Khan’s ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’ in recent times, it seems that Hindus are now hurting their sentiments. Will not see it happening and will not tolerate mockery of our deities and culture.

Now a days all the three Khans are on the target of Boycott. These days Salman Khan is currently busy shooting for ‘Bhaijaan’. However, the picture that is going viral among all of them is in discussion. The date of July 21, 2015 is clearly written on the viral picture. Yes, this interview was held on 21 July 2015. So, this video is 7 years old. Salman Khan’s film ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ was released 4 days before this interview, on 17th July 2015.
‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ colleting a worldwide business of Rs 969 crore (out of this Rs 311 crore in China), but Pakistan was glorified in it.

Is Pakistan helping?

The cleric of Pakistan is shown helping everyone, apart from this, a Pakistani journalist has been told to help a Hindu by playing on his life and also to create a kind of sympathy by showing for a girl there has been tried. Although the film was also released in Pakistan, Salman Khan also praised Pakistan.

This 7 years old interview got viral in which he said, that he is annoyed with those who speak against Pakistan and do politics about it. During that time he had said that earlier people of India used to go to Pakistan and appreciate their hosting, due to which relations grew. It means, this news is true but 7 years old.

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